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The mission of the Expert Witness Network is to link attorneys and expert witnesses via the World Wide Web by using online technology to reduce the time and costs associated with locating the best expert for a case.

For Legal Professionals

The Expert Witness Network enables attorneys involved in litigation requiring the support of an Expert Witness to locate individuals with particular technical expertise, experience with specific products, or those who can provide asset and financial evaluations. With a few simple commands, legal professionals can review the credentials of an experts complete CV, locate a copy of an elusive product manual, and much more.

Expert Witness Network helps legal professionals

For Experts

The Expert Witness Network helps you reach legal professionals across the country who are searching for your expertise and services to assist in preparing their case! By putting your credentials in the Expert Witness database, you can provide legal professionals, who may not otherwise be able to locate you, with detailed information on your expertise and experience.

Post Your Curriculum Vitae

Expert Witness Network is an extremely economical and effective method to promote your services and skills. We'll post your CV in the CV Database for a nominal fee (see enrollment plan options). Complete the enrollment form and automatically upload your CV to our database and add a link to your website in our Expert Links section.

Promote Your Expert Witness Website

We can also build a hypertext link from our free Expert Links Search Engine to your website (see enrollment plan options). Try out our free Expert Links search engine here.

Access the CV Database

Why would an expert pay to access the database?

Other information

Absolutely no commissions are paid to the Expert Witness Network. Compensation for services is negotiated between you and the attorney privately, without referral fees.

The Expert Witness Network helps experts

Reduce Your Research Costs

The Expert Witness Network provides access to more experienced resources than anyother single source available. For the legal profession, EWN greatly reduces the expenses associated with locating the best expert for a case.

Your annual Expert Witness Network subscription provides unlimited access, withno connection fees or on-line charges. Using the Expert Witness Network, you can accomplish more practical research in less time. Yousave time by using technology to do your research, and control costs by avoiding expensive referral services. And you have the advantage of accessing themost current and practical information for your case. Attorneys and expertsagree that getting the right information and the right expert for just one case is worth the cost of the Expert Witness Network subscription many times over.


Expert Witness Network subscriptions start at $100 per year, but there are many package plan options for even more value. View our enrollment plan options here.

Use Your Existing Hardware and Software

The Expert Witness Network has no special hardware or software requirements. All you need is Internet access.

Features of EWN


Your order will be processed with in 24 hours, and you will be advised by e-mail when your account has been activated. Access the service whenever you want, as long as you want. View PLAN OPTIONS here.