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Common Myths

Directory Sites Are Set Up For The Way Lawyers Search

  • They are setup to find more experts to list on their site.
  • Their format is a throwback: bland, archaic, and difficult for lawyers to use.

Directory Sites Get Millions of Hits From Lawyers

  • Even the broadest search term recieves less than 70,000 hits/year and only a small percentage of those hits are from lawyers searching for an expert witness.
  • Tricks like back-linking to porn sites result in tons of hits. It bolsters claims but doesn't help you.

Lawyers Search Using Broad Search Terms Like "Expert Witness"

  • Lawyers don't waste time using broad search terms so we don't waste your membership fees hitting high for those terms.
  • It takes science, analytics and a massive time investment to match our site to lawyers' needs.

Adding Categories Helps Get You Noticed

  • No one searches by picking through categories yet some sites charge up to $800 for extra categories.
  • If you want to get more business, check out our page of effective options for growing your practice.

No Gimmicks

  • Money back guarantees, guaranteed click-throughs, phantom leads that don't pan out, etc. We aren't gimmick site. Maybe that's why we've been around longer, and we lose more experts to retirement than any other reason.