Want to get access? Want to get listed? Expert Witness Directory Information & Tips

The Expert Witness Network is continuously adding to the worlds largest database of full text CV's. That means for every CV submitted to us, we enter the entire contents into the database. The database is searchable, so every word in every CV is searchable.

Unlike other databases of experts, the expert's address and phone number are available right in the CV. So if a legal professional searches the database, and finds an expert, they can contact the expert directly and there are no referral fees owed to EWN.

How to get your CV online

For a minimal fee (see enrollment plan options), you can post your CV instantly to our Expert Database. This cost helps cover the administration of the database and any future updates or changes to your CV. There are no further charges to make changes to your CV in the future.

Things to remember when submitting your CV

Contact Info

Remember to MAKE SURE YOUR ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER are in the CV. We presently receive 1 in 10 with no address, and about 1 in 20 with no phone number. It does you no good at all if an attorney finds your CV but can't reach you. Do you have an e-mail address, or a web site address? Be sure to include those too.

Keywords/Search Terms

CV's are found based on the words they contain. If there are some keywords used in your profession, that don't appear in the CV, append a list of keywords. For example, an expert in automobile accident reconstruction might add a list with words like: auto, automobile, motor, vehicle, trucks, trailers, wheels, motorcycles, motorhomes....


We receive CV's that range in length from 1/2 page to 50 pages. While we will post whatever you give us, we recommend that you limit your CV to 4-5 pages. Longer CV's tend not to be downloaded as frequently, or read as thoroughly, and you are less likely to get a referral as a result. Legal professionals are less impressed by long CVs than your colleagues. The usual reason for long CV's is a list of publications. Condense it by eliminating the less important, limiting it to the last 5 or 10 years, or condense it to just the titles. Add a sentence at the end saying a more complete list is available on request.