Want to get access? Want to get listed? Frequently asked questions

OK, so I'm an expert, you're going to list my CV in the CV Database and build a link to my website in your Expert Links section for the BRONZE plan, why should I upgrade to the SILVER plan so I can access the CV Database as well?

You get to see what the competitions CV looks like, or the qualifications of an expert you're going up against in a trial.

Lawyers aren't the only ones using the Expert Witness Network CV Database. A lot of experts do to. The CV Database is especially useful if you are ever asked by your clients for names of experts in fields not directly related to yours. You can even offer this as a service to existing clients. Maybe even charge them for it!

You get to see how your CV looks, and edit it (right now there is no mechanism for experts to get in to see their CV without charges).

How much is it for an expert to be listed in the Expert Witness CV Database?

It's $100/yr to list your CV in the CV Database. However, if you choose our BRONZE plan, for an extra $50/yr, we will build a link to your expert witness website in our FREE Expert Links search section. We also have SILVER and GOLD plans available with more features and even better value. For a complete listing of our pricing and plans, click HERE.

How much is it to establish a link to my own expert witness website (or CV)?

The cost to place a link in our FREE Expert Links Search Engine depends on which plan you choose. Clearly our GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE plans are our best values, but if you choose to, you can go "ala carte". An ala carte link is $100/year. This includes a link to your website, a description of your services, an image of your choice (i.e. logo) and unlimited keywords for search purposes.

I found an expert through the Expert Witness Network (EWN). What does EWN get?

If you find an expert, neither you nor the expert owe the Expert Witness Network anything. All we ask is that you let them know where you found them.

What if I don't have my own expert witness website?

That's fine. We can simply create a link in our Expert Links section directly to your CV. Let us make your CV be your webpage.

Some of the CVs seem to have errors in them. Surely the originals didn't have this many mistakes!

The CVs in the CV database are full text or WORD documents of CVs submitted to us by experts. Experts are responsible for their own CV's and upload them to the database themselves. In some cases we have scanned them, converting them to electronic media, and uploaded them to the database. If you find a CV with typos or errors in them there are two possible causes: The typos were in the original document and we make no attempt to correct them. Or, the typos are artifacts of the scanning process. If the CV is too bad, we return it to the expert and ask for better copy.

I got a CV from your database, and there was no phone number or address for the expert. Why?

Two reasons. First, we do have some experts that have been placed by expert referral services. Obviously they want you to call them directly and not the expert. Then we get the expert CVs in the mail without an address or phone number. About 1 in 100 come through this way. We try to screen these CVs, but every now and then one slips through. Please let us know if you find one of these.

What is your policy on building and charging for hypertext links from you web pages to other peoples web pages?

Our policy is relatively simple: First, we have to believe the link will provide information useful to our subscribers and visitors. Next, if it is a commercial site, there is a fee. A commercial site is defined as any site offering something on the web for a fee, or promoting some fee collecting person or group. And the decision of what is a commercial site is ours alone. If the link is one we decide qualifies, and a fee is appropriate, we will build the link and charge for it based on which plan is selected.

How do I add my CV to the expert database or setup a link to my expert witness website?

Please click the following link to review our service plans. Simply choose a plan and procede to our secure shopping cart and follow the instructions from there.

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