Expert Witness Listings by Category

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Abuse / Child Elder Spousal E-commerce Machinery & Industrial Equipment Racketeering
Accident Photo Analysis and Mapping Economic Consulting Machinery Equipment Radiation Oncology
Accident Reconstruction Elder & Life Care Malpractice Radiology / Nuclear Medicine
Accident reporting systems
Accounting Elder Abuse Managed Care / HMO Railroads
Electric Arc Furnaces
Electric cars
Acoustical Electrical Control Systems Management Real Estate Appraisal
Electrical Engineering
Acoustics Electrical Grounding Manufactured Homes Real Estate Commercial
Electrical Injuries
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Electromagnetic Interference
Electronic Engineering Manufacturing
Actuary - Actuarial Electronic Surveillance Mapping and Surveying Real Estate Residential
ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act Electrophysiology Maritime and Admiralty Receiverships
Reconstructive Surgery
Addiction Medicine Elevator & Escalator Marketing Rectal Surgery
Addiction Psychiatry Emergency Medicine / Trauma Materials Handling Recycling
Adhesives Employment and Human Resources Materials Science Rehabilitation Medicine
Advertising EMT Maxillofacial Surgery Renal Pathology
Aerial Photo Analysis and Mapping EMTALA Mechanical Engineering Rescue
Agricultural Sciences Endocrine Surgery Media Restaurant and Hotel Security
AIDS - HIV Endocrinology Medical / Medicare / Medicaid Fraud Restaurants
Air Bags Endodontics Medical Billing, Coding and Insurance Retail
Airport Engineering Engine Control Module Medical Case Review Rheumatology
Engineering Forensic Disciplines
Alarms ENT Medical Devices Risk Management
Alcohol Abuse ENT (Ear, Nose, & Throat) Medical Ethics Roofing & Waterproofing
Alcohol, Drug & DUI Testing Environmental Medical Expert Witness Bureaus Safety
Allergy Epidemiology / Public Health Medical Illustration Safety Engineering
Allergy & Immunology Ergonomics Medical Literature Research Safety OSHA
ERP Systems
Alternative Dispute Resolution Escheat - Unclaimed Property Medical Malpractice Sanitary Engineering / Waste Management
Alternative Medicine Escrow Medical Physics School and Education
Aluminum Production Estates Medical Quality Assurance Seat Belts & Air Bags
Ambulance Medical Referral Bureaus
Amusement Parks
Anesthesiology Ethics Mental Retardation Administration Seat Restraints
Event Data Recorders
Metal Securities
Executive Compensation
Excessive Force Metal Processing Lines
Metal Rolling Mills
Metal Roofing
Metal Slitting Lines
Anthropology Expert Witness Bureaus Metallurgy Securities Arbitration
Explosives (commercial)
Antitrust Economics Eyewitness Fallibility / Reliability Microwaves Security
Apparel Failure Analysis Midwife Self Storage Facilities
Apparel & Textile Industry
Appearance - Contract Attorneys Fall Protection Mining Semiconductors
Appliances Family Loss & Grief Mock Trials Service Stations
Family Practice
Appraisal & Valuation General Fashion Mold and Indoor Air Quality Sexual Harassment / Discrimination
Appraisal Antiques Art Collectibles Financial Matters Mortgages Sexual Offenses
Financial Planning
Appraisal Computers Finger Print & Foot Print Identification Motorcoach Safety & Accidents Shift Controls
Motorcycle Skiing
Appraisal Gems & Jewelry Fire & Explosion Investigation Mutual Funds Skip Tracing Services
Appraisal Machinery Equipment Fire Protection Engineering Narcotics/Drug Trafficking Sleep Care
Appraisal Natural Resources Firearms and Ballistics Natural Resources Sleep Medicine
Appraisal Real Estate Fireworks and Pyrotechnics Negligent Hiring Slips and Falls
Aquatics Safety Water Rescue Fisheries and Fish Industry Neonatology Social Services
Architecture Flooding Nephrology (Kidney) Software Industry
Food and Restaurant Industries
Asbestos Food Manufacturing Neurology Sonography
Asset Locators Foreign Law Neuropsychiatry SOX
Astronomy and Astrophysics Forensic Accounting Neuropsychology - Head Injury Spas, Hot Tubs, Pools and Whirlpools
Auctions & Liquidations Forensic Behavioral Science Neuroradiology Speed Control
Spine Surgery
Audio & Tape Analysis Forensic Handwriting Neurosurgery Sports & Recreation Injuries
Automobile Damage Appraisers Forensic Medicine Neurotology Spousal Abuse
Automobile Structures
Automotive Forensic Pathology Non-Destructive Testing Standard of Care
Autopsy Forensic Psychiatry Notary Public Statistics
Auto Insurance Claim Denial    
Statistical Analysis 
Steel Annealing Furnaces
Steel Production
Aviation Forensic Psychology Nuclear Radiology Stem Cell
Storm Damage
Aviation & Aerospace Medicine Forensic Sciences Nursing Stress Related Illness
Forestry Nursing Home Medicine Structural Engineering
Bail Bonds & Surety
Ballistics Forklifts Nutrition Structured Settlements
Banking Franchising Obstetric Anesthesiology Substance Abuse
Bankruptcy Fraud Obstetrics Sudden Acceleration
Bar Security Funds Obstetrics / Gynecology Supply Chain & Warehousing
Bariatric medicine Funerals and Funeral Homes Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) Surety
Bariatric Surgery Gambling Occupational/Environmental Health Surgery, Bariatric
Behavioral Sciences Gang Behavior Oculoplastic Surgery Surgery, Cardiothoracic
Beverages Gastroenterology Oncology Surgery, Colon and Rectal
Bicycles Gems Oncology (Cancer) Surgery, General
Biological Sciences Genealogy Ophthalmology Surgery, Head and Neck
Biomechanics General Surgery Optics / Fiber Optics Surgery, Maxillofacial
Biomedical Genetics Options Surgery, Oral
Blasting (explosives) Geology Optometry Surgery, Pediatric
Blood Banking
Boating and Watersports Accidents Geotechnical Engineering Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive
Bone Marrow-Stem Cell Transplants Geriatrics / Nursing Homes Oral Surgery Surgery, Rectal
Breast Implants Glass Orthodontics Surgery, Transplants
Breast Surgery Golf Orthopedic Surgery Surgery, Trauma
Brick - Stone & Ceramic Tile Government Orthopedic Trauma Surgery, Vascular
Grief & Loss
Brick, Stone, & Tile Gynecologic Oncology OSHA Surgical Critical Care
Building Codes Gynecology Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, and Throat) Surgical Nutrition
Building Envelope
Building Science
Bus & Truck Safety/Accidents Hail Otology Surgical Oncology
Business Information Hand Surgery Outdoor Power Equipment Surgical Pathology
Business Valuations Handwriting Packaging Surgical Quality Assurance
Hazardous Materials (HazMat) Pain (Chronic) Management Surveys and Opinions
Cancer Female Gynecological Head & Neck Surgery Paint & Coatings Swimming & Pool Accidents
Car Crash
Health Administration Paramedic Tanker Rollover
Car Window Glazing and containment
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Healthcare Financial Billing Patents & Trademarks Tape Analysis
Cardiac Electrophysiology Healthcare Practices and Records Pathology Task Force Coordination
Pedestrian Injuries
Cardiothoracic surgery Hedge Funds Pediatric Allergy Taxation
Cardiothoracic Trauma Heir Tracing Pediatric Anesthesiology Telecommunications
Cardiovascular Surgery Helmets - Motorcycle, Bicycle, Sports, and Industrial Pediatric Cardiology Telemedicine
Cargo Tank Rollover Hematology (Blood) Pediatric Critical Care Terrorism
Casino & Gambling Industry High Risk Obstetrics Pediatric Emergency Textile
Casino Security Highway Construction Zone Safety Pediatric Endocrinology Thanatology
Thoracic Surgery
Cemetery HMO Pediatric Gastroenterology Tile
Chemical Engineering Home Inspections Pediatric Hand Surgery Tires
Chemistry & Chemicals Homicide Pediatric Hematology Title Insurance Claims
Child Abuse Horses Pediatric Immunology TMJ
Child Custody Evaluation Hospital & Medical Ethics Pediatric Infectious Diseases Tobacco & Health
Child Psychology Hospital Administration Pediatric Neurology Tourism & Travel Industry
Child Seat Restraints Hotel and Hospitality Pediatric Neurosurgery Toxic Tort
Chinese Dry Wall Human Factors Pediatric Oncology Toxicology
Chiropractic Human Resources Pediatric Ophthalmology Toy Safety Design
Circuit Breakers & Transformers
Civil Engineering Hunting Accidents Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery Traffic Engineering
Clinical Nutrition HVAC Pediatric Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, and Throat) Transcription
Hybrid vehicle safety
Hydrolic Control Systems
Coal - Energy - Mining Hydrology (Water Issues) Pediatric Plastic Surgery Translation - Interpreter Services
Collectibles Hyperbaric-Diving-Undersea Medicine Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine Transplants - Organ/Donor
Collection Agencies Immunology Pediatric Rheumatology Transplants, Medical
Colon and Rectal Surgery Inadequate Security Pediatric Urology Transportation
Independent Medical Examiner
Industrial Equipment Malfunctions & Non-Performance
Industrial Furnaces
Commodities - Futures/Options Industrial Hygiene Pediatrics Trauma
Industrial Injuries & Fatalities
Communications - Telecommunications Infanticide Pension Benefits Compensation Traumatic Brain Injury
Infectious Diseases
Compliance Software  Information Technology Perinatology Tree / Arborist
Computer Animation Ink Dating Periodontics Trial Consultant
Computer Evidence Discovery Insurance - Bad Faith Personal Injury Consultants Truck Crash/Rollover
Computers Insurance - Business/Employment Pest Control Truck Safety/Accidents
Trucking Regulations
Concrete / Cement Technology Insurance - Customs and Practices Petroleum / Natural Gas / Petrochemicals Undue Influence
Unwanted Acceleration
Construction Accidents Insurance - Excess & Surplus Lines Pharmacies Uro-gynecology
Construction Claims Insurance - Health/HMO/Disability Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Urology
Construction Cost Insurance - Life & Annuities Photography/Video/Visual Evidence Utilization Review
Construction Estimating
Construction Zone Accidents
Contractor Licensing Insurance – Professional Liability Physiatry Valuation
Conveyors Insurance - Property Casualty Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Vascular Surgery
Corporate Governance    
Vehicle rollovers
Correctional Healthcare    
Vehicle Safety
Corrections Insurance – Risk Management Physical Training and Education Viatical Settlements
Cosmetic Dentistry and Oral Surgery Insurance Agents & Brokers - Standard of Care Physician Assistant Video Tape Services
Cosmetic Surgery
Court Reporters - Transcription Intellectual Property Physics Visibility
Crash Data
Credit Damage Measurement Intensive Care Placental Pathology Vocational Evaluation and Rehabilitation
Crime Scene Intensivists (Pulmonary) (Intensive Care Medicine) Plastic Reconstructive Surgery Voice Identification
Crime Victim Restitution Interior Design Plastics Warehousing
Waste Management
Criminal Informants Internal Medicine Playgrounds and Equipment Water Rescue
Criminalistics International Business Plumbing & HVAC Watersport Accidents
Pneumatic Controls
Criminology International Issues Podiatry Weather / Meteorology
Critical Care Internet Police Practices and Activities Wood & Lumber
Workplace Injuries & Fatalities
Cruise Control Interventional Cardiology Pollution Wound Care
Cytopathology Wrongful Death
Day Care Interventional Radiology Polygraph Y2K Issues
Deadly or Excessive Force Investigators and Investigations Pool Accidents Zoning & Land Use
Demolition Investment Banking Pool Construction  
Demonstrative Evidence/Exhibits Jails and Prisons Postpartum Depression  
Power Tools
Powertrain Control Module
Pre-crash systems
Pregnancy Denial
Dentistry and Oral Surgery Jewelry Premises Liability  
Dermatology (Skin) Jury Consultants Pressure Sores  
Developmental Disabilities Juvenile Violence Printing and Publishing  
Developmental Psychology Labels, Warnings & Instructions Prison Medicine  
Disabilities Assessment Labor Law and Compliance Private Investigators  
Disabled Access Laboratories & Testing Facilities Probate  
Discrimination Laboratory Medicine Problem Gambling  
Distribution and Dealers Ladders & Scaffolds Process Servers  
Diving Landscape Design Product Liability  
DNA Forensic Laser Surgery - Therapy Prosthodontics  
Document Examination Forensic Law Practice Management Psychiatry  
Document, Record, UCC Search Lead Exposure Psychology  
Dog Behavior Leasing Psychopharmacology  
Doors and Windows Legal Auditing PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  
Dram shop Legal Fees & Ethics Public Health  
Drug Abuse Legal Malpractice Public Relations  
Drug Defenses Legal Publications Public Utilities  
Drug Testing Legal Research Pulmonary  
DUI Legal Software Pulp and Paper Industry  
DWI, DWI Defenses Licensing Pyrotechnics  
  Lie Detection / Polygraph    
  Life Care Planning    
  Lighting and Illumination    
  Liquor Liability - Dram Shop    
  Litigation Finance    
Loading Rack Accidents
  Loss Prevention Consultants