Expert Witness Network is the authority site for attorneys, legal and business professionals searching for experts.

Our Mission

The Expert Witness Network utilizes propriety analytic science to precisely, quickly and economically match lawyers and experts.

The Expert Witness Network Difference

With the Expert Witness Network, lawyers and expert witnesses get connected and stay connected through our mobile optimized, content rich, social media savvy platform.

We are the new paradigm and everyone is racing away from the old-style directory toward the future!

Our History

Since the dawn of the internet era, Expert Witness Network has served the legal profession with our directory of experts, expert witnesses, legal service providers, and legal, medical, and forensics professionals.

Among the clutter of sites claiming to be the first, the leading, or the largest, the Expert Witness Network stands alone as the authority. We're the innovator and thought leader.

Exclusive Membership

Experts may apply for membership through our site. However, WE NEVER WASTE YOUR MONEY MARKETING TO FIND MORE EXPERTS! All of our competitors invest most of your fees to entice other experts to join their site.

We have a unique approach.

Our board meets to identify and review candidates from the thousands of experts across the country, then we confer and select our members by simple email invitation. We have meticulously assembled our expert directory and have developed each category and geography with care and patience.

It is not our style to buy our way to the top of search pages in a quest for any person willing to pay a fee to be listed. Check out our competitors. They spend their expert’s money buying ads on Google for search terms like "Expert Witness." Guess what? Lawyers don’t search non-specific terms.

Experts looking to find a listing directory do.

Legal Professionals Choose the Expert Witness Network

Attorneys love our website!

Why? Because we’re set up for the way attorneys search. We present the credentials of our experts the way lawyers want to review them.

The Expert Witness Network links attorneys, legal and business professionals with experts for consultations, investigations, evaluations, lawsuit preparations and in litigation. We match the precise technical expertise, knowledge and experience necessary by providing each expert’s qualifications, credentials, history, publications and CV.

Expert Witness Network allows legal professionals to:

  • Reduce or eliminate costly and time consuming expert witness searches.
  • Avoid the hassle of dealing with expert witness brokers that charge high fees and steer attorneys toward the most expensive candidates to maximize fees.
  • Find all the crucial information necessary to make a decision in one click.
  • Conduct research on the opposition's expert witnesses.

Types of Users:

  • Law firms, attorneys, paralegals and administrative staff
  • Judges and court personnel
  • Prosecutors, district attorneys, public defenders, government regulatory and law enforcement agencies
  • Corporations including the automotive, construction, energy, retail, biomedical and high tech industry as well as insurance companies, brokerages and other financial institutions.

Experts Want the Prestige of a Profile on the Internet's Authority Site

The Expert Witness Network offers experts a premiere directory well established as the authority site for experts. We are solely focused on this mission. Other sites see their experts as a secondary line of business or use their directories as a means to help sell other products or services.

Our CEO has personal experience with the hassle of dealing with brokers and wading through sites focused on selling ancillary products rather than helping match lawyers with experts. That's exactly why we are so different.

We only want to quickly and efficiently match you with the legal professionals across the country searching for your expertise. We care about helping lawyers evaluate and prepare their lawsuits. We spotlight each expert's experience and credentials in the profiles on our expert witness database to enable the lawyers searching our site to make a decision with a single click.

Types of Experts:

  • Professionals and practitioners across all industries: Medical, Legal, Construction, Finance, Energy, Telecommunications, Biomedical, Retail, Manufacturing and Information Technology.
  • Professors in Forensics, Math, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, Business, Economics, Geology, and Computer Science.
  • Full-time and occasional experts in mainstream and obscure subjects. Having a profile on the Expert Witness Network is so economical, one engagement can pay the membership fee for years.
    • Reasons Experts Choose the Expert Witness Network:

      • No Commissions, Brokerage, Referral or Other Fees.
      • The Expert Witness Network doesn't lock your information away. Attorneys don't have to make calls, send emails or jump through hoops to find you.
      • By linking your expert site to Expert Witness Network you increase the domain authority of your site.
      • The Expert Witness Network makes it easy to update your CV, credentials and biographical information.
      • The Expert Witness Network is the economical alternative, delivering more value for less. View our enrollment plan options for more information.
      • We make it easy to register. If you want, we will do all the work to upload your profile. There is no long waiting period between the time you sign up and your profile being viewable on the Expert Witness Directory.

The Expert Witness Network Team

Chris Semones, the CEO of the Expert Witness Network, enjoyed more than twenty years of experience in law and business prior to joining the company. He is a graduate of Cornell Law School and a member of the State Bar of California as well as the New York State Bar Association. As in house counsel for large tech companies like IBM and Intel, Chris managed every kind of litigation from multi-million dollar patent lawsuits to works compensation, from insurance, contract and construction to employment and bankruptcy matters. During his career, he engaged experts in Federal Trade Commission, Securities and Exchange Commission, Justice Department, Food and Drug Administration, and EEOC, and a dozen other international, federal and state government agency issues. With two decades of experience in evaluating and choosing expert witnesses for investigations, discovery, depositions, trial preparation, trial testimony and appeals, he is intimately familiar with exactly what lawyers want from experts. His network of contacts and colleagues stretches across the globe and a wide variety of our categories on Expert Witness Network.

Chris has hand-selected a team to apply analytic science to optimizing our website and marketing. Lawyers do not use generic keywords like "expert witness" so our team focuses on top search page rankings for the terms they do use.

We have added Fortune 500 company management to optimize our customer service operations so that we operate at peak efficiency in meeting the needs of attorneys and experts.

In short, our CEO has created the exact company he wished he had when he was the one struggling to find the right expert for the job!

The Expert Witness Network is more than a Website

Attorneys, legal professionals, business and insurance executives, government officials, law enforcement, and other professionals seeking to retain expert witnesses all have one thing in common - they are extremely busy. So we strive to be the only name people think of when they need an expert. Because of our reputation and since we have been around so long, word-of-mouth is a tremendous resource. However, each year our marketing geniuses devise a plan to continue to build our brand, but most importantly, to keep our experts "top-of-mind" in the heads of those seeking them.

  • We're out on the road at the key expert and trial lawyer conferences and events as well as national and state bar association meetings.
  • We're tirelessly working to advance our public relations in outlets where legal and business professionals are looking.
  • We've linked with government and education institutions and professional associations.
  • We've got the only program in the industry using analytic science to create a targeted campaign by category and region that gets the word out about our experts to the attorneys looking for that expertise.

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